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Our Strategy

The strategy we employ at Tegridy Glass is full brand awareness, being a complete one stop shop service for our customers and our vendors. while our vendors handle getting their products and posting it while adhering to our guidelines, we will be improving our features to flesh out the services of more categories for customers and rewards while giving statistics and use other companies to improve their workflow



Solving the problems customers have when trying to shop around from different smoke shops, without having to drive around and remember what each store has. Rather than have one great platform to do the shopping on or help make the decision process easier



Making the problems of making a website; edting, picture taking, optimization, and SEOs. The problems with payment systems, getting analytics, shipping, marketing, and knowledge on competitors as easier and user friendly as possible



Getting the idea of the brand is huge in being successful that is why all the money made goes back into the slow city by city growth in getting the idea of trustable, honest, and quality coming from our site with social media, Google ads/SEO,  and promotion of our top vendors. 

We value openness friendliness, and humanity that is prominent in our community. Which is why we are honored to be in this industry so to keep our values held high we also promote planning for the long term to always strive to improve the future of our industry.   

Value Proposition: Compare, Discover, Support Local.

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