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All You Need to Know About
“CBD Powder”

What is CBD powder?

 The proper term for CBD powder is Nano emulsified full spectrum powder it is a water-soluble solution which can mix in practically anything rather than it’s oil counterpart.

Emulsified which means it is broken down into Nano molecules, 100 nanometers in size. This is to make the CBD oil water-soluble. Think of it as oil and water the two do not normally mix but if you break down the oil into much smaller parts it will be able to remain suspended in water.

The Full Spectrum part means it contains everything the plant contains. All the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids. They have their own special properties that work even stronger together rather than alone.

The process of making CBD powder

It starts with cultivating hemp plants preferably organically & sustainably grown. When the plant is fully grown it gets tested in an ISO-17025 accredited lab to be tested for CBD potency and purity.

After it passes it gets extracted from an extractor which turns a hemp plant into oil. The oil must get refined a few times to turn into a crystallized form of oil called CBD isolate powder.

Next is turning the powder into making it water-soluble. The Nano-emulsification process breaking it down and mixing it with an all-natural penetration enhancer. This will increase the bioavailability letting the body absorb the powder 1000% better than any CBD oil-based products.

What the clinical trials Say

When talking about CBD and anything in this culture you do run in the risk of mislead information all over the place there are plenty of bad smoke shops and gas stations that sell “fake CBD oil” that might not even contain any real amount of CBD. Fortunately the  U.S National Library of Medicine did a study on the,

Bioequivalence Assessment of Cannabidiol (CBD) Administrated in Oral Formulations.

In the study they took the powder of CBD and compared it to CBD oil and the powder was 131% more bioavailability orally. to be warned each company does there process differently and can come up with different results. Meaning consumers should still do there due diligence, one easy way is most containers you buy will have a QR code that will take you to the test done on the product.

CBD powder V.s CBD oil

Being absorbed intestinally allows the CBD to go into your bloodstream to activate more of the ingredients and at a faster rate.


The body absorbs fatty compounds like CBD oil with encapsulating these compounds in a special molecule. That helps connect the fat-loving end (lipophilic) and on the other side it has a ‘water-loving’ end (hydrophilic)


They will form a sphere around the CBD oil so that the fatty end attaches to it self-allowing it to pass through the mucous membrane to enter the bloodstream. This process is called micellization, which takes time for the body to build these micelles. The problem is the encapsulated CBD oil being destroyed by our stomach acid and by enzymes in our liver.


The powder already mimics the creation of these spheres known as micelles, in a laboratory. This means that CBD products created are ready to be absorbed by the body almost instantly.


Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) from this type of powder is better than other water-soluble solutions as they tend to fall apart in very low concentrations.


On average we throw away 90-95% of CBD oil because it does not get absorbed by the body because of it not mixing well with water and our bodies being 65-70% water making it hard for that oil to be absorbed. This powder being at almost 100% efficiency saves money, makes it easy to accurately does, and gives it a better chance for passing as medication as poor bioavailability is one of the leading causes of failures in clinical trials.


The Usability in the Real World

Unlike oil being water soluble gives it more ways to be used for one being made into beverages. I go to a coffee shop that sells CBD HOJI E2 (CBD powder) and allows people to insert the powder into different drinks they even bottle it and sell it premixed in bottles. Allowing me to get my “needed” caffeine and CBD in one which is big bonus for me to give me the benefits of both throughout my day. Kava bar Chill Caw-fee is using the powder in it’s drinks giving them combining the benefits from both together.


This new form of CBD is predicted to help the industry grow in massive strides. Burgeoning predicts  that CBD sells will grow from 5 billion 2019 to 23.7 billion largely of the new usability powder has brought. With large corporations like Walmart trying to get into the game. Food companies and beverage companies alike are in the works of implementation of this whole new field of service Visual Capitalist goes in-depth on the way it will change packaged goods

Summary of CBD powder

  • Fast and close to 100% absorption
  • Very stable in critical environments
  • Stable shelf life of 24-36 months or more (stored in a dark place at room temperature)
  • Allows unprecedented access into the beverage market
  • Introducing water-soluble cannabinoids to a diverse array of foods
  • Consistent and measurable CBD control
  • I personally do like CBD powder better even when I tried to look at it with out knowing the difference and just trying to feel the difference let us know how you feel about the powder in the comment section below.
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