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Tegridy Glass

This is a summary of why choosing to join Tegridy Glass is the better option when compared to other ways of going about selling your products.

Why choosing Tegridy Glass is the better option compared to...

Making Your Own

We do not discourage you from adding your own site’s links to your shop on Tegridy Glass. We offer an easy and cheap way to publish and market your products, as well as a centralized method of keeping track of your own community of customers and your generated revenue.

Going to Our Competition

When you sign up with Tegridy Glass, we provide you access to 3 extremely reputable companies (Dokan Library,, and to help you create your shop, set up your shipping information, and set up your payment information all in one place. Using these sources, we are able to provide a more in depth way to track your revenue and store growth, as well as many other features our competitors cannot provide. We also encourage community growth where both vendors, headshops and customers have easy access to one another instead of isolated urls.

Instagram E-Commerce

Instagram makes it hard to trust the safety and security in making transactions to anonymous customers, while also forcing the customer have to directly contact the vendor and wait for a response from them. We take pride in providing both a relaxed and professional service for both the vendor and customer; where you can create a contact free, trust-able relationship that takes away the stress of juggling DM’s from hundreds of potential customers per week.

Other Benefits

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Shipping Questions

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