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These are what a customer get to utilize when they sign up for Tegridy Glass for free!

Get Rewards and points for more purchases you make the more points you will get back coming soon and all people who make purchases now will get points. Also being interactive in community will get you badges and points.

You have the power. Vote and rate the stores you have been to which will help us let them know what they can improve on for their target customers. Voting will consist of products, stores, art, marketplace, brands, and much more.

If you have a product you want to sell to these type of shops and customers this is a great way to show it off and explain about it to the right audience. If you want to sell at the local marketplaces we will help you show it before and connect you to them.

Follow your favorite stores and then you can get notifications in the notifications tab in the my account page where they will do daily updates on what they have in store that is not sold on our website.

To enter the auction house you must be signed in and it is worth it after first purchase with products that will be significantly marked down but you have to move fast because auctions usually only go on for 48 hours it is full of exclusive products.

Get exclusive emails about things going on in your area featured stores around you. We hate a lot of spam email so you can unsubscribe on each email at the bottom of it and we try to only send topics that will interest you.

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