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Tegridy Customer

The Guides for the Benefits and how to use Tegridy Glass

We hope we answered the questions you had with the 3 categories below, we have answers about shopping and how to use the community. We also share the benefits of being signed up with Tegridy Glass

Tegridy Customer

The Guides for the Benefits and how to use Tegridy Glass

We hope we answered the questions you had with the 3 categories below 

Trusted Sellers

We make sure not just anyone can sign up but in fact the Tegridy Team verifies them first.

In Tegridy
We Trust

Find Coupons

Find coupons before you go into the store or see if the store next door has one.

Burn Money
Don't Waste It

Compare Stores

Before you go in compare the shops and find what you were looking for or discover something new.

Make Sure The Product Is The One

30 Day Returns

Every item can be returned in 30 days if not used. The process is handled seamlessly through our system.

4 Simple Step Return

- Delivery & Payments

We Tegridy Glass take pride in providing our clients with a very strict and secure checkout system to guarantee each purchase is verified, authentic and non-fraudulent. If you didn’t receive an order invoice number, then your attempted transaction was rejected. The “AVS Mismatch” or “Gateway Error” is most frequently caused by using the wrong address, if you feel you are getting this message in error please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Coupons are handled by each vendor and can be applied during checkout there is a place to apply coupons most coupons can be found in emails or on the stores page.

Orders can be shipped from anywhere in the United States that our vendors are set up as they are in control of shipping and handling for their own products you can find which vendor it is on the product and click the vendor link to see where they are at and where it is coming from.

Of course, your privacy is imperative to us, your credit card statement will read “TG LLC” to guarantee there is no reference to Tegridy Glass.

- Order Issues

You should contact us or the vendor directly to make sure it is not already on its way with its tracking number, especially if the items have been shipped separately. If a product is still missing after all bases are covered, it will either be replaced or refunded with in the first week of order’s timed arrival. If the Seller does not answer about the missing item contact us and we will refund it after we make sure it has not gone through.

Customer faq

We strongly condemn our vendors from selling faulty, broken, or falsely advertised items. First, contact the vendor to attempt to resolve the issue with them. If you are unable to contact them or don’t receive a response, contact us directly and we will resolve the issue.

Please sign into your account to track your order. If you completed your purchase as an anonymous customer go to order tracking in the footer and get the tracking number sent to email and copy and paste it there, if you did not receive a tracking number contact the vendor or us.

- Returns &

Of course! in your account go to orders and click button next to item then click refund and the vendor will cancle it he will let you know through text below

If they do not, Just reach out and send us an email and we’ll have your order canceled and money refunded. Just be sure to contact us before your order ships out.

Before we add a new Vendor to the Tegridy Team, we have a thorough and secure vetting process to ensure they are reputable vendors. We at Tegridy Glass would never allow a vendor without “tegridy” to operate on our website. Although mishaps may happen and we are more than happy to help any customer who has been wronged in a transaction.

We accept returns on all unused products, as well as electronics within their original, unopened packaging, up to 30 days after the order has been placed. If the product has been used, even just once, we cannot accept the return.*

When doing a return the seller you bought from would either put the return printed label in your package when you get it or you will have to contact them about returning it.


You go to the my account page >> view orders >> click on request warranty and follow those steps

If the seller does not answer in 48 hours and is not on vacation then contact Tegridy Glass Support to help get you a refund or solve the problem.

From there the item will need to be shipped back to the vendor from you and once it arrive the money will be sent back to the bank information given.

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