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Start Making Your Online Marketplace

01. SIgn Up

Sign up and let us know what you want to accomplish and use so we can help you grow to your vision.

02. Make A Group

Make a group for your area or join on to have a online portal to easily manage where, when, and who will be at the marketplace.

03. Pick Vendors From Group

Decide on which vendors you want by reading bio and seeing pictures of the ones that messaged you back or you can go after ones that did not.


Growing your brand awareness is important and easy to do with posting about what you do having groups and topics to talk about getting people to follow.

Helping Hands

Getting into other groups to help you grow too, on Tegridy Glass we want to help each other but still have a steady competition that helps everyone grow.


We Want your Marketplace to reach as many people as possible and are here with a growing community to help it expand.

“with out you the community will not grow, the work you put in to grow your business and help around is what inspires us to keep innovating and making the best service possible we can. Thank you guys!”

Dilan Harbour
Founder & CEO
Tegridy Glass