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Vendor Guides

  With Tegridy Glass we want to inspire a community driven ecosystem broken down 3 main parts; the ease of customers, make it simple for vendors, and target growth of the vendors

1. The ease of the customer knowing a product details and being able to find them in the same place across all products while also knowing the shipping details on all products and trusting to get what they wanted at the described time.

2. The ease of the vendor is important as we want to make the steps from sign up to making money, using the site effectively, and knowing our terms of services very simple. 

3. Target Growth for our vendors is something that will continually be improved and added to as we learn about the community and gather a information to help vendors individually.


Learn how to create images, titles, descriptions, and how to upload your product to the Tegridy Glass Market.


How shipping will be handled from receiving the order to your product arriving at the door of the customer.


Learn how to set up your payment details in order to send and receive payments along with other functions.

Vendor Q & A

Where we put our top questions that will apply to most vendors and detailed answers to help answer them.


The Statistics we gather to help each head shop with the market of their area and the around to increase sell.

Auctioning Selling

Learn why to auction and what products to auction while also giving tips on how to help Improve sells.

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