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Making picture taking and describing products as simple and easy as can be!

How to List Your Product

Add Specific Details to Your Product

After you publish your product, click ‘Edit Product’ on your Vendor Dashboard and go to the description where you can describe the main information about your product in bullet points. Only use the bullet points that are relevant to your product.

  • Height: How tall your product is
  • Thickness: How thick the glass is
  • Joint: Size and Joint Gender (Example: 14mm Female)
  • Percs: The type of filtration
  • Base: The width of the bottom of the product
  • Downstem: What connects the bowl piece to the base
  • Brand: List what brand of product it is (especially if its your own brand!)
  • Made In: Where the product was produced
Then It is important while putting this information you scroll down to shipping and add the 
                                                  Weight – Height – Length – Width: in shipping for order to work

After Product is Added

01. Get Order

Once the product is bought you will go see it in Dashboard >> Orders, there you will click on the order and make it processing.

02. Print Label

From there you will click the tab below Orders, Shipping there you will click on tab and hit the refresh button to get the order to appear, then click the tabs in the top right and click print label you will get the label and be able to send it to printer.

03. Request Pick Up

Then when you get enough orders for the week request a good pick up time for the orders you have in each carrier and they will come to your store and pick it up.

Posting Information

What is Product Stock Management?

Product Stock Management refers to the process of ordering, storing and managing your store’s inventory. This includes the management of raw materials, components and finished products, as well as warehousing and processing such items.

When Should I Enable Product Stock Management?

You should enable Product Stock Management when you have a set amount of units of the same product that you want to list for sale. For example, let’s say you have 10 units of your product and you don’t want to receive orders after the 10 units are sold. If you enable stock management and enter 10 in the quantity field, then after 10 units are ordered, this product will show a message that all the quantities are sold and there is no stock.

But, you might want to take some pre-orders before your product is re-stocked. So you enable Allow Back Order to let the customers place orders even if the product is out of stock.

Help on Picture Taking

Must already be a vendor or becoming a vendor to apply!

Benefits of Full Service

Picuter Taking

Take Pictures of every piece you have in selection 4 pictures of each piece. Pro quality with black background to show off the product.

SEO's & Advertising

Craft a great name and description for google's search engine and keyword optimization. help with social media advertisement for getting featured and more followers.

Posting Products

Get all the dimensions and details of the products and upload them as needed for Tegridy Glass rules and for shipping.

Customer Answering & Blogging

Answer questions professionally and detailed to customers on the site. Also you will get the use of the statistics and analytics acquired by the site and it's competitors to improve your strategy.

"Increase your sales with our online market by showing off your products to the world!"

Dillan Harbour
CEO Manager
Tegridy Glass