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How to Ship

We want to give each vendor the easiet and most powerful way to get their products into the customers hands. With great tracking technology, Analytics made easy free made shipping labels and easy returns with great rates 

All in one

Post and Ship all in your dashboard with the best shipping software out in shipstation completely integrated to your store to make the whole process automated and Simple

Favorite Delivery

Rate shop and print labels for all carriers – get the best rate based on desired delivery time.

Better Tracking

Geo-tracking page featuring your brand, social links and messaging.

Easier Returns

Include a custom self-service portal for fast, hassle-free customer returns.

Inventory Tracking

ShipStation tracks stock levels and alerts you when your inventory count is low

Detailed Analytics

Instantly gain valuable insight into your business and optimize your selling strategy in real-time.

Steps to Shipping Products

  • After your product is purchased you will receive a notification on your dashboard.
  • You will then have the option to either accept the purchase or deny it because the product was already sold
  • Wrap the product a couple of times over with bubble wrap or thick foam
  • Make sure you get a box a bit bigger than the size of the product
  • Put newspaper on the bottom and packing peanuts or substitute to fill the empty holes in the box
  • Tape and label it while writing fragile on each side
  • Make sure everything is correct with the order information and label then take it to the desired mail service close by and apply correct postage stamp to finalize the shipping process.
  • Then go to your dashboard and mark the order as shipped
  • Once the customer buys the product and the payment method is authorized we will send the money directly to your vendor account where once you hit the minimum withdraw limit you can transfer the money to your bank account free of charge.

  • It’s very, very important that you stay updated with your active order’s tracking number(s) and staying in contact with the delivery company in order to give an accurate time frame for your customer.
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