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Statistics & Analysis

We provide a comprehensive ecommerce analytics solution with features that will continuously grow and help each vendor grow their profits.

Product Statistics

Statistics on everything the site has to offer gaining insight that can better help you gauge what the customers want in your area or on your Estore.

Interactive Pages

We utilize giveaways to help get customers by area code to effectively use the information gathered throughout for each vendor.

Online Marketing

Social Media and Email Marketing are used mainly to get the statistics for getting customers to find your page and go into your stores.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple; we want to help your business achieve the greatest possible success by providing the valuable services you need at a reasonable cost. We believe all businesses small and large should have access.With powerful tools that keep track of each filter clicked and having People Use the interactive pages to collect area codes and find out what type of products they like. Plus other information to uniquely help out each head shop. 

Product Statistics

On the right is an example of one type of product stats your eshop keeps track of. This sample simple progress bar that shows percentages of your total revenue gained by different categories which are just a few of all the ones available. We also use Google Analytics to gather information like; Sessions by page, Users by location, Pageviews by device, Average time on page by channel, Bounce rate by channel. Using These we want to answer 3 questions for each vendor is their site growing, are they converting, and how people interact with their site. 

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Interactive Pages

01. Give Away Page

The importance of the giveaway is to get Zip codes  and emails of each person that enter the competition to have tailored email marketing to the customers so they get emails about head shops in their areas. While also having knowledge of how each person interacts with the websites with heat maps plus others to give the statistics back to head shops so they can learn more about what their audience likes and vice versa.

02. Voting Page

The Voting page is an easy way to understand what people like and would want with out actually having to buy the piece or scroll through what is available, once they enter the giveaway their zip code is saved with cookies which we use to show to vendors that own stores what the people in their area have voted on to get a great insight on the area near the store.

03. Likes, Follows, Watchlist

With allowing people these 3 basic features they can keep up on what stores they follow which will allow the customer to get updates on those estores and easily find them from their account page. this plus the other two gathers the information on what they like with out making direct purchases. 

Benefits From Online Marketing

These platforms are a great tool for business and is more than just selling and promoting our brand. Reaching our customers is pivotal, in the survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, nearly 79% of marketers agreed that social media is as an effective way to develop loyal followers. Our way of going about this is simple with being authentic, unique, relatable, and engaging for your audience.

Email Marketing

  • Promotions straight to our audience emails catered towards them.
  • Sending personal customized emails that are cost effective advertisement and better than social media for customer acquisition.
  • Keeping our vendors in their mind with people checking their emails daily getting engagement of the internet.
  • Greatway to do birthday deals and promote new inventory.
  • Let them know about items they like being low on stock, abandoned carts, auction watchlist running out of time, new deals and giveaways.

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