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Vendor Financial Information

Tegridy Glass is always on your side when it comes to catering to indie/online business, so
we will NEVER charge you any hidden fee's or sell your data to third-party companies.
Transparency is key especially when it involves to your capital.

How Much Does It Cost?

Is there a subscription fee?

We at Tegridy Glass want to provide all of our Vendors the avenues to create and expand on their successes for their store without any monthly fees, so we decided to shy away from the typical subscription service. The only time our fee applies is a 2.5% transaction fee and a 2.5% secure payment processing fee for a total of 5% on a product AFTER it's sold. If an item is listed for sale at a discounted price, the fees will only apply to the discounted price of the product. For Example: If one of your products is sold for $100, the fee would be $5, meaning $95 will be deposited into the 'Withdraw' section of your Vendor Dashboard. From there you can transfer your revenue to your bank account with 0 extra/hidden fees.

Are there any extra/hidden fee's?

'Tegridy' and transparency are ALWAYS key when it involves your revenue! We take pride in being upfront with our community, so we don't sneak in any hidden or extra fee's. So when we say you can list an unlimited amount of products with no extra fees, we mean it! Our 'Featured Products` section is highly sought after by our Vendors, so there's no financial incentives to getting featured to ensure fairness! This also applies to our promotional and off-site ads, where we often do targeted promotions for our Featured Vendors (usually on social media and sometimes other websites). We also will gladly accept any promotional products/materials for our 'Give Away' section, which we will always shout out our Vendors who participate. Lastly, we will never charge any fee for a product that a customer buys in-store that they see first on Tegridy Glass!

How Do Shipping Prices Work?

Can I ship products through Tegridy Glass?

The Shipping is easily found at there you will be able to control the eStore and make changes to your account information easily control everything to do with shipping price and  interaction needed with customers in easily sectioned off with return request, reviews, followers, and support. posting products can either be done from the product or auction tab, but if you got Xml file sheet you can import

How do I calculate packaging costs?

Once your item sells, it’s time to ship the order safely and securely. In addition to packing materials like bubble wrap, boxes, printer to get shipping labels adding a few other ingredients will make the package feel more complete and professional. Many sellers like to include a packing slip and a quick thank-you note for the buyer. (If you have a business card or other branded material that includes your shop name, you can include those, too.)

How do I calculate shipping costs?

 Know your item’s weight and dimensions is the first step in calculating the cost of postage quickly and accurately. The most straightforward way to determine your item’s weight is by using a scale, such as a digital shipping scale or a kitchen scale. Consider ordering flat-rate boxes for free via United States Postal Service, particularly to take advantage of flat-rate padded envelopes and regional-rate boxes that are only available online.

Why offer free shipping?

Buyers often tell us that having to pay an additional shipping cost is what keeps them from shopping online. It’s become standard for most online Head Shops to include shipping costs in their item prices. Seeing shipping fees broken down on a checkout page may prevent a buyer from completing their purchase.  If you offer free shipping, your shoppers may just be surprised at checkout leading a better chance at completing a sale. 


How do I withdraw my revenue?

Vendors can view their total earnings from the withdraw page. Vendors can select from our payment methods. Vendors will get an e-mail notification when their withdraw request has been approved by the admin.  Navigate to- Seller Dashboard → Reports → Statements. You can select the time period for your statement by clicking on the From and To buttons. Select your preferred date and click the Show button. It will generate a statement of your income and withdraw amounts during that period. You can also export this statement by clicking on the Export All button. It will create a CSV file for you free of charge.

How do I create and distribute coupons?

To create customized coupons for your store, first navigate to your Vendor Dashboard. Click on the section titled 'Coupons' on the left side of the screen, then click the button 'Add New Coupon' to begin customizing your new coupon. From here you can create your coupon title, add a description, add the type of discount, and a usage limit/expiration date. You also have the option add a minimum dollar amount and exclude items on sale or even specific products to personalize your coupon for your store's needs. When you're done creating your coupon, click the 'Show on Store' checkbox at the bottom of the form to display the coupon on your stores page. Other ways to distribute your coupon are by e-mail, in your retail store, or even by word-of-mouth. As long as the customer knows what the code is they'll use it as long as it's active!

How do I add my store's operating hours?

To do this, vendors navigate to your Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store. Then scroll down to find the Store Opening & Closing Time widget. To add your store's operating hours, select the 'Open and Close' section. For days when your store is Open, select the appropriate hours of operation from the numeric fields. You can also change and add different message notices for when your store is Open/Closed. If your store's operation is online only, you can choose to hide your operating hours from your page. When you’ve finished customizing your operating hours, click on Update Settings to save your changes.

Can multiple coupons be used on the same product?

Yes they can if both of your coupons apply. When you create a coupon(s), keep in mind that if multiple coupons can apply to the same product. The second coupon that is used will affect the product's discounted price (from the first coupon). For example: If you sell a product for $100 and the customer uses both a 10% off and 20% off coupon, the 20% off coupon would be applied first bringing the total price down to $80. Then the 10% off coupon would be applied to the price post-discount, taking 10% off $80 making the final price of the product $72. The 5% secure payment processing/transaction fee only applies to the price of the product after a discount is applied!

How do I keep customers informed about their order?

Shipstation will provide a tracking order number to both you and your customer after the shipping label is created. It is important to set clear expectations for your customer about how long it will take you to prepare and ship an order within your item’s estimated processing times. For example, if it takes three days to personalize, package and ship an item, and it takes the postal carrier three to five days to deliver, you’ll need to communicate to customers that it will take up to eight business days to receive their purchases.

How do I handle returns?

Please click the on the header 'Orders and Returns' to read our site-wide Return policy.

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