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tegridy rules

Rule #1:
Make sure that you post enough description about the product for customers to get a good knowledge of what they are getting Check "Posting" in the Guides for water pipes to get how to post on them.

Rule #2:
when posting products the picture and description better match the actual product it better say the right dimensions do not lie if it is a fake brand or have different pictures or you will be punished.

Rule #3:
Answer the questions we may have if it is miss information or something with a customer we want to keep this site full of hard work and tegridy.

Rule #4:
When a product is bought you must keep to your guidelines on shipping we are flexible with giving you leeway for store hours and workers time and must be notified if otherwise.

Rule #5:
Make sure you answer return request on time, if problems we will help settle disputes. We are happy to help the vendors and if they are wrong you get money and product.

Tegridy Glass