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Why is the giveaway free

Tegridy Glass Wants To Grow The Community And We Believe Giving Back Is one of the best ways to do it! With these giveaways we hope to reach people in a way everyone understands and that is free with no strings attached we do not sell your private information simply organize the statistics of potential customers in the head shops area , so they can know what the users do on the site if they vote, buy, or look at products can be seen so vendors know to get more of what you like.

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what can I win in the giveaway

With each new contest there is new things to win and we do our best to offer high quality products that very in theme, price range from 80$ to 1000$ depending on a few different factors. These products will range from basically anything you can find in a head shop it also include a discount coupon from one of your top local head shops.

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Tegridy Glass - About Us

Tegridy Glass was established as the streamlined way to buy and sell Glass Products and Accessories online. How so? Our goal is to create a symbiotic Glass selling community in which Head Shops have the opportunity to sell their products; all while customers have the opportunity to browse and compare products between thousands of Glass Stores, all in one place. Bringing The community can be all in one place to look at artist glass or head shops next door with great incentives for customers as we get better so will the community.

Want to make your head shops better?

vote on continuisly changing things to improve head shop all over.