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Some people believe Head Shops only exist to sell you cheap, over priced, factory produced glass that’s been drop shipped from China. We’re here to tell you that those people are wrong! Check out our blog below to read about local Head Shops that are leading by example by selling quality, American made glass products and accessories to increase customer satisfaction!

As a frequent Head Shop customer myself, I quickly learned which of my local head shops were more-so “hack shops” rather than actual, quality glass vendors. These so called “hack shops” are pretty easy to categorize.

1) They’re known for buying small product catalogues that are almost always shipped whole-sale from glass factories in China that costs them next to nothing.

2) They’re also known for taking these factory made pieces and re-selling them at an outrageous mark-up to maximize profits.

3) In order to trick their customers, “hack shops” will sell counterfeit brand named pieces like “Roor” and “Zob”.


For the reasons above, “hack shops” have solely destroyed what trust has been built between Local Head Shops and their communities…

Until Tegridy Glass. We are working day and night to bridge the gap between Head Shops and their communities by rebuilding the trust that’s been destroyed by said “hack shops”. The section below is dedicated to changing your mind about the misconceptions of headshops by showcasing some of our own Local Head Shops who do business with integrity… or “Tegridy”! (To read more about our mission click here!)

Tegridy Glass

Tegridy Glass