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How to use personal branding for marketing to make side money?

The whole world has gone through a tragedy, with working from home in your own comfort zone where you are safe and secure works perfectly fine. You don’t have to leave the premises to earn a living. Even the big companies have realized that not all employees are critical employees, and the functions of a company can operate with minimum people on the actual office floor where the rest could efficiently work remotely. However, the idea is so fascinating that a large section of people was already homebound, working from their safest zone and minting money. People from Tampa thoroughly believed in passive income through art & design, crafts, real estate, stock exchange investment, or selling hand made products. The idea is vintage, but the larger organizations are now coming to terms with it.

Local Marketplaces

There are various local marketplaces such as Etsy, Tegridy Glass, and many other facilitating craftsmen around the country through a public platform to sell their handmade products in Tampa as well. Although we all know about eBay, the local marketplaces creating online communities are helping local people brand their products and build a customer base. Using bigger and more generic platforms can make your product get lost among the competition with big giants. However, local marketplaces help you gain recognition, highlight your product, and create a personal brand in your own community. It is a great way to start your own brand and create its niche.

Personal branding at local marketplaces

Creating a brand is not rocket science and yet not that simple either. You have to start by being honest with your honest. A personal brand can’t be created unless you humanize your product and create the link and association with your consumers. It is extremely important for people who start this journey on their own by selling a craft they developed to create its own unique selling proposition and segment. Personal branding can make you a millionaire. Look at makeup mogul Huda Kattan. A housewife obsessed with makeup is now an owner of a multimillion-dollar makeup company called Huda Beauty. The entrepreneur who started selling in person now has over 48 million followers on Instagram, is only making makeup tutorials, and selling her own brand’s makeup. Similarly, one of the most highly paid Youtuber in entertainment is Lilly Singh, with over 14 million subscribers. The young lady started by making humorous videos on YouTube and is now a millionaire.

How much can you make annually ?

What is common among all these successful entrepreneurs? Personal branding! All these people never stopped working on their creativity, improvement, and brand image. They are the face of their company, and under them, a complete team is working now, which was just one person when they all started. You can’t underestimate the power of connection you can develop with people who like you. You can build a community of your own and make a lot of money through it as well. Money generation does not rely simply on your products or services. It also needs some human touch to it. The consumer needs to know whose product is he using and can his suggestion make a difference? The consumer comes to local marketplaces in search of that connection; otherwise, Walmart has way cheaper products in thousands to choose from. Bring that human factor to your store, connect with your consumers, and build a recurring customer base. The sales you can generate by following such small steps could be humongous. Simple Shapes on Etsy is making a million dollars a year.

The rise of influencer marketing through personal branding

Personal branding has led to influencer culture all over the world. Big brands want to cut down on their spending on corporate marketing campaigns and spend a big chunk of giveaways and small competitions through influencers. Manu multinational brands like Ikea, Nestle, and Amazon are working hand in hand with bloggers, influencers, and private individuals to support their brands through their personal pages. Clothing, furniture, FMCG products, and even the tech industry are using the tribe created by these home-based influencers and bloggers to speed up their sales. Bloggers and influencers might have or not have their own product, but they have a personal brand which they use to generate traffic. That traffic enables these people to monetize through their social media or YouTube pages.

How can you monetize your personal branded social media pages?

The higher the number of followers and subscribers, the more money you can make through marketing your own products or other brands. If you have a craft of your own like pottery making, painting, stitching, decoration, glass, or wax products, you can place them on a local marketplace and earn a very handsome monthly income. Amazon and Ikea collaborate with entrepreneurs to create their own page with their choice of products to be sold to their personal community. Alexandra Gater is an inferior decoration influencer who started off with few followers, selling in person, now owns her own page at Pinterest and Amazon for her subscribers to buy the products used and recommended by her. With a few hundred thousand followers, the home-based interior decorator enthusiast was able to build a business by using a value for money products from big giants and collaborating with them.

Selling in person is a great way to start off

If you live in Tampa and want to start a passive income venture, you must start by placing your products on a local marketplace and creating a personal touch to it by humanizing your shop. Your customers must interact with you, share experiences and suggestions, and engage with you on a regular basis. You should also try and create a space for them that is connectable and friendly. They must not get the feel of a cold big giant distributer from you but a cozy, human, warm, and reachable feeling from you so your personal customer base could develop.


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