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Find The Incense That Matches You

Why Are You Really Here?

Probably For These 3 Main Ways Of Shopping On Tegridy Glass

tegridy glass smoke shops

A list of your smoke shops from your area to across the U.S.A. where you can see their catalogues of their artwork and products.


Go Here to compare with filters from all the sellers on our store compare your area or even further to find exactly what you want for the best price.

tegridy glass head to auctions

In this house you gotta be quick to get the auction you have been waiting for. Most are only on for 48 hours and go before than. Bid, Win, Repeat.

Trusted Sellers

We make sure not just anyone can sign up but in fact the Tegridy Team verifies them first.

In Tegridy We Trust

Find Coupons

Find coupons before you go into the store or see if the store next door has one.

Burn Money Don't Waste It

Compare Stores

Before you go in compare the shops and find what you were looking for or discover something new.

Make Sure The Product Is The One

30 day returns

Every item can be returned in 30 days if not used. The process is handled seamlessly through our system.

4 Simple Step Return


SMOKE SHOPping   should be

Our Mission is to create a simple, effective, and trustable marketplace for smoke shops to sell and reach customers. While customers have the ease of finding, comparing, buying, and following specific sellers all in one hub.

Creating a symbiotic e-commerce community where the potential to be seen is maximized for vendors and for customers use.

Bringing the community together online and offline using the power of business to help communities all around the nation cause all around the nation is our community

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