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Connect to new customers

With our ever growing market customers are here for the full community service showing off the best that is around them and would be able to find your shop and what your shop does.

Show off to existing customers

Be able to keep your customers informed on a place built for them to be informed on. Making a great experience for them in finding information about the products and locations of these products.

More Branding

Being able to get your brand out there is one of the biggest things in getting returning customers and for people to have trust from the business they buy from or go to. We will help on every step.

Who should join the


Mainly we want Kava Bars and Vape lounges but any shop that pertains into this area, or has information or other useful post in the community is accepted it is free to joining and can even make money on post by getting badges and even be able to market to our customers in your location.

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