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Kava Bars taking over
Tampa & St. Pete

A Fresh Breath in the Night Life?

A more relaxed way to enjoy the day and night one that provides all the benefit to keep people there. Still made to be social place for people of the community to enjoy. Events going on and it being the man alternative to alcohol bars.

 Kava and kratom are the man thing drank which has all sorts of great effects. One that can be more sociable or relaxing giving the great feel to the atmosphere. The inebriation from it is much easier to be functional on than alcohol and have no next day affects.

Simplified Effects of Kava vs Alcohol

Kava comes from Piper methysticum plant, which is native to islands of the Pacific Ocean.

They use the root in either paste, powder, oil, or they brew it like coffee. Most bars server it in mix drinks. The look and smell of it is not appealing to human senses. If you mix it with some type of milk or citrus juice and some flavored sugar mixers. It can mask the bitter earthy taste. The history of Kava is a long one with only theories on it’s complete back story Where Kalm With Kava goes in great detail on the most well supported ones.


Recreational benefits of this plant is a lot like alcohol in the fact they are both making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. Unlike alcohol where it can hit fast and can crash fast, you are gently eased into the effects and then gently brought down. The main difference in effect is the mental clarity I still have while getting these effects this is why kava is used by people while they do work I am one who will go sit at the bar and work while I am getting “muddy” which refers to the effect from kava. The plant is also thought to relieve pain, prevent seizures, and relax muscles.  When it comes to Kava their still needs to be more studies need to be done to make definitive statements on it’s benefits and the negative side effects from it. If you want to read an in-depth analysis you can here  where it comes from a doctor more qualified than I to speak on the topic.


Features of an Average Kava Bar

Kava Bar come in a wide variety especially where I live around the Tampa area. They could look like a coffee shop, a trippy hippy vibe, even looking like a regular bar.  Most offer multiple kinds of Kava as well as fruit juices, a variety of teas, smoothies, coffee, prepackaged food and kombucha .


Also a lot of Kava Bars are getting into CBD and Delta 8(the new THC Legal in all States. I am friends with the owner of Chill Caw-fee and the have Nano emulsified full spectrum powder of the two marijuana extracts. which just means it comes in a bioavailable way to add it into anything with water and make hit faster and more effective. You can add the powder to any of their drinks to get all their beneficial effects as well. They Sale these products in stand alone forms like Oil, gummies, and cartridges for complete service.


It dose not stop with the drinks that are different many places are full of interesting art work usually done by the local community. With low lighting and comfy siting areas to make a relaxing enjoyable experience that promotes customers to hang out for a few hours. Kava bars are places that create a welcoming, inclusive, ambiance to the building welcoming all types of people making it feel like a home away from home. Getting people to connect to each other more than other places which is something missing in todays society and much welcomed fresh breath of air. When people talk stories about bar fights I will bet that 99% did not occur at a kava bar.

Events of an Average Kava Bar

Hosting big events to bring in people together is a staple at Kava bars. Live Music, Stand up Comedians, car shows, Parties, marketplaces. All to bring in local entreprenewer to sell their own products. I go to a bar that has a doctor who specializes in medical cannabis and goes over information on the product. Also how to get a medical card in the state of Florida. There are plenty of bars out there competing for people. Creating growth for many more creative events and activities that I have yet to see.

Most contain different types of games from board games to gaming consoles. All to keep people entertained and interactive with other people while they are there. Not only do they have games to keep peoples attention on a regular night but full of smaller events going on to participate in. I have seen painting classes, styling glass where you get a bong or glass to paint, competitions in different games from chess to Super Smash, or deals like lady’s night and half off for first timers and plenty of others. These places are packed to the brim of different interactive things to do with your local community that are a lot of fun and the growing competition only leads to more unique events that you should try out for yourself to decide on.

Interesting Kava Bars around Florida

The Chill Room (Lake Worth, FL )- This place is not only a kava bar but is a vape lounge and a glass shop as well. While still having a very chill bar  coffee shop feel to the atmosphere with a dedicated area for live music.

DRIP Vape Shop & Lounge Kava Bar(Tampa, FL) – This place still sells good CBD and Kava products but if you like the environment of a kava bar but do not like kava they are one of the few that sell alcohol.

Modernesian Kava Social (Tampa, FL) – The are built around being a place that is a getaway from the busyness of todays society and be a completely relaxing feel like if you were spending the day at a spa. Yet that’s not the reason I have them on here but they have an incredible style of drinking kava called Kava Pale Ale, which is a nonalcoholic beer. I have went and tried it out before writing this as someone who loves beer and kava it was right up my ally and definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of one or the other.

Bula Kafe (St. Petersburg, Florida) “St. Petersburg’s Original Kava Bar and Coffee House.” It was founded in 2009 and carries offers the finest Kava from Vanuatu as well as Ethnobotanical Teas and Kahwa Coffee. Being a big factor in educating its area on all things Kava.

Nakava Bar (Boca Raton, Florida) — Been around for 14 years and open till 2 a.m. it has a lot of years under its belt Being a pivotal point for somewhere to hangout at during the nights. Building the reputation of the kava bar establishing the path for many others that spurred up after.

The Grass Roots Kava House (St. Petersburg, Florida) – One of the most popular Kava bars in each of it’s 3 locations with hosting plenty of big events bringing together their local communities and having a great knowledge of the product they sale. Using only premium handmade syrups and local ingredients to create a unique style of Kava drinks.

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