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Smoking guides

Lets Talk Accessories

Keep The Piece Clean

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Ash Catchers are considered to be one of the most effective accessories you can add to your water pipe for multiple reasons. Not only do they keep your water pipe cleaner by filtering out ash and debris, but they also allow for smoother and bigger hits by cooling down the smoke even more than just a water pipe by itself.

Holds The herb

This is what you put the goods in and this into the device to smoke those goods. find one that matches your device or one out of the ordinary

From Bowl To Bong

The middle ground from bong to bowl that allows the device to work by letting the smoke from the bowl go through the water to work through the percs to you.

Breaking Made Easy

Breaking down the herbs by hand is not optimal for a piece as any long term user will agree a Grinder is need to pack easy great smoking sessions

Get a Dope Fit

tie die clothing
Clothing and home goods that best express each headshop and the most dope stuff to add to your collection.

Smoke a Dab Correctly

All the needs to a rig to complete the job it is set to do. Where these are what you put the dab on, into, and on top to make sure you get the most smoke possible.

Fight Smoke With Smoke

the best way to cover your smoke with good smells that come in a plethora of smells. Both have also been talked about in their benefits for relaxation and boost serotonin.

If Connecter There Is A Way

customizing your bong or dab rig with any sort of attachment or modular add-on, you may need some sort of adapter to link one component with another. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, angles, and reasons to connect.

What are Accessories

In this section you will find smoking accessories that are used by stoners daily to elevate their smoking experience! Find the right tool for your kit by browsing through our selection of dry herb grinders, bowl pieces, ash catchers, down stems, and rolling/dabbing tools that can accompany you for any smoke sesh!

What to look for

Let’s start with the fact we are here to get additions to our smoking kit besides the herbs and device to smoke from. you want to get matching clothes, smoking kits, glass to help with the device, or stuff to mask the act in whole can being found in a variety of ways explained below. 

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