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Smoking guides

Lets Talk Water Pipe

To-Go Bong

A favorite among some smokers for their ease and portability, Bubbler's are right in the middle of hand pipes and water bongs. Bubbler's tend to come in small enough sizes to fit in your hand while packing the same punch as a regular bong.

The Tried & True

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Sturdy and simple, Beaker Bongs are known for their "tried and true" shape. They usually feature a round, sturdy base that's typically accompanied by a straight-tubed neck that connects to the mouth piece.

Right To The Point

Straight Tube Bongs are simple, effective and to the point; similar to this description of them!

Cool Down That Shit

They're bongs with multiple chambers, what else can we say? Multiple Chambers allows for multiple percolators, which makes for smoother and bigger hits. The more chambers, the cooler the smoke!

She’s a Brick House

You can't go wrong with Round Based Bongs! These bad ass pieces of glass are known for their round and sturdy bottom for balance on any surface.

Dab Through The Heat

Used for oil & concentrates, they were created to provide a smoother, more efficient way to take a dab compared to a bong. They also typically offer a variety of types of percolators and designs for better vapor diffusion and flavor.

Effective Reuse

It gets its name from recycling the water inside over and over to make the smoke cool down inside. Mainly used for concentrate oil.

Unconformity Beauty 

Zongs are normal bongs with a twist, they always feature an iconic-styled neck that is typically in a Z shape. The official definition for a Zong is "a bong with a 'Zed-Shaped' tube that connects the base of the Zong to the mouthpiece".

What a Bong Is

Used for smoking dry herbs, bongs utilize water in order to cool down hot smoke and to also filter out ash. They’re simple and effective, the go-to choice for most smokers. Usually, there are four main parts to a bong: the bowl where dry herbs are packed, the down stem that connects the bowl to the base of the bong, the water chamber to hold the water and the percolators that are used to further cool down the smoke.

What to look for

The better answer is what are you looking for. Are you into huge hits or something more portable. Are you Clumsy and need a more sturdy piece. What are using this device for. How Often Will You Clean it and how much effort are you willing to put into it. Do you prefer to have as smooth as a hit as possible. Then there is different functionality that will determine which one is best for you, also price range and not to mention the design that suits your desire.

Basic Terms

  • Glass Thickness: sturdier piece
  • Percolators: cool down hit
  • Bowl/Joint Size: make sure it fits
  • Max Volume: for bigger hits
  • designed for dry herb or concentrate
  • Ice Catcher: more cool down
  • Downstem: lead smoke to filtration

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