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Lets Talk lifestyle

Art to Match Glass

tie die clothing
Colored patterns or images made in a glass pane that are revealed when the pane is cut into thin cross-sections. This can create infinite possibilities for designs, Usually coming in a smaller package to add to your smoking package

Art For the Body

The one-of-a-kind, limited edition Glass Pendants & Jewelry sold here were created to provide the consumer with a unique and beautiful piece of wearable artwork. Make it the centerpiece to your outfit or even use it as a carb cap!

Drinking Glasses

Above the Ordinary

Stop it with the bland Drinking Glasses and acquire more unique ones to grow a collection that would wow anyone who sees them!

Stained Glass

Style For All

the coloured glass used for making decorative windows and other objects through which light passes. it can make beautiful works of arts like ones in Religious Buildings.

Art to Match Personality

tie die clothing
Shops got to match there area and getting items that go good around the house may have a useful benefit or just catch the eye. We have an array to select from.

Showing up for the culture

An array of smokers apparel that is dedicated to every type of smoke from all over. Getting a bit of taste of everything our culture has to offer.

Above the Ordinary

You got your classic weed and Bob Marley Posters & Paintings but we also consist of rare items each shop goes out to find and even receive from local artist.

Style For All

Need something to cover up the smell after you got that nice piece get Incents & Oils. Either will work in diffusing that smell and releasing one of the limitless amount of flavors you can find from either of them plus plenty of other benefits each has.

What is Glass Art

This page has any Glass Art our Vendors provide that aren’t functional for smoking. This can include drinking glasses, marbles, pendants, mugs, or any creative glass art our Vendors have to offer.

What is lifestyle

Whatever is needed besides your smoking kit that represent the culture. Apparel or home goods  to get that first impression in. Their are plenty of unique novelty items that are spread through out our partners.

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