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Lets Talk pipe

As Simple as A B C

These Hand Pipes have a simplistic and portable design featuring a small, cylindrical glass tube with a hole towards the top (to pack your dry herbs) and a mouth piece. Also known as a one-hitter, Chillums are the perfect way to keep smoking simple.

Most Stylish 

Its infamous design, Sherlock Holmes Hand Pipes are an instant classic for any smoker. Sherlock Holmes Hand Pipes are categorized by their long, curved mouthpiece that stems usually from the bottom of the pipe; and a deep bowl to pack your dry herbs.

Easy & Common

Spoon Pipes have been used for smoking dry herbs for as long as smoking itself! Spoon Pipes usually feature a bowl for packing your dry herbs, a mouth piece and a “carb”. With these features, these pieces are an easy-to-use device for smokers of any experience!

Pack A Punch

If you’re looking for a pipe that will blast you to the moon look no further! What makes Steam Rollers extremely effective and unique is the increased airflow. They’re categorized by a cylindrical tube with a mouth piece on one end, a carb hole on the other end and a bowl piece near the center of the pipe.

What is a Pipe

Used for smoking dry herbs, Hand Pipes have been around for just about as long as smoking itself. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and also may be referred to as: a bowl, a spoon pipe, a tobacco pipe, a peace pipe (etc.). Often times there is a hole on the side of the Pipe known as a “Carb” which functions as a way to clear the smoke and increase airflow. 

What to look for

The better answer is what are you looking for. Are you into huge hits or something more portable. Are you Clumsy and need a more sturdy piece like one made of metal or plastic. What are using this device for. How Often Will You Clean it and how much effort are you willing to put into it. Do you enjoy the style that come with the look or something to fit in a small bag or your pocket.

Basic Terms

  • Glass Thickness: sturdier piece
  • Size: is it more portable
  • Bowl Size: get the size you want
  • Max Volume: for bigger hits
  • designed for dry herb or concentrate
  • Style: does it fit for you
  • Carb cap or not to Carb cap

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