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Tegridy Glass Give Away

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Winners are announced at the end of each month.

Rules of giveaway

1. To participate, complete an entry form with your name, address, and email, and submit it online.
2. The contest will be conducted december 28th through January 28th, 2017. . Grand prize drawing will be held on January 28th at the Convention Center.
3. You must be 21 years of age or older to win. No purchase necessary. One qualifier per household. You need not be present to win. Void where prohibited.
4. Approximate value of the prize is around $100, 80$ min

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Prize of giveaway

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Must be logged in to enter giveaway

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Why is the giveaway free?

Tegridy Glass wants to support the community that supports it! And we believe that giving back is the best way to show it. By giving back to you, we hope to reach people in a way everyone understands by making it free with no strings attached. We will NEVER sell your private information. We use the info that your provide us to simply organize the activity on our site by postal codes in order to relay it back to our Smoke Shops. We want to show them what the community wants!

What can I win in the giveaway?

With each new give away there are always new products to win! We do our best to offer a wide range of high quality products that vary in theme and category. The usual price range of our give away is all the way between $80$ to even $1000 depending on the product(s)! The products that we give away usually include just about anything you can find in a Smoke Shop. Sometimes we'll be giving away a singular expensive piece, and other times it'll be multiple products (like an smoking kit!). Between functional and non-functional products, everything is on the table when we decide what to give back!

Tegridy Glass - About Us

Tegridy Glass was established as the streamlined way to buy and sell Glass Products and Accessories online. How so? Our goal is to create a symbiotic glass vending community in which Smoke Shops and Glass Artists have the equal opportunity to sell their products, all while customers have the opportunity to browse and compare products between thousands of Glass Stores, all in one place! By bridging the gap between you and hard working vendors our main goal is optimizing how you Smoke Shop, all while building a community with 'Tegridy'!

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