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3 Smoke Shop Quick Tips, Part: 1


Knowledgeable Staff

Easier said than done to get a staff that is enthusiastic about the community and knowledgeable about but the products sold. Having employees that know their away around the products is great for customers who are more novice on the products. Being used by the community and where most stores have a big selection it can differ these buyers from getting something that day. Now that most stores are selling CBD, and Kratom products having the staff with knowledge is great. To help customers get to know the difference in the types of products and brand names of these products. As more come out all the time having useful information on them is pivotal in getting that customer to pull the trigger. Knowledge on the product sold is big in upsells that is why cars salesman always study the ins and outs of the products. To be ready for anything the customer can come at them, which in return will boost profits.


Learn Your Area

— Sales Statistics

Analytics is the king of advantage towards improvement from big business to small when it come to in store getting as much information as possible is a bit harder than online but when it comes to the basics they are still very important. There are plenty of ways of going about it which deservers it’s own blog but if you can atleast get top selling products days and time it can help understand slow seasons what sells and when average price people spend, and top/bottom selling products. Knowing this can cut on waste and in usually a small area to work with is important for shelf space. 

— Average Customer

Knowing your average daily customer in this industry is important and a big reason why the smoke shop industry is usually locally owned. Knowing the customers age range what the average spending and location are all important indicators towards what they are likely to buy. Like being close to a college will get you an influx of younger customers where it would be effective to get things like new nicotine disposable vapes and then know which ones sale and which do not. It is also important to get the real ones and trustable ones as that is big in getting these customer to keep coming back.

— Change Can Work

The great thing about smoke shops is that they can contain more than just smoking devices and accessories. For example Hyzer’s Smoke Shop, Known as the head shop for real heads it was prominent in it’s area for a while and even though sales where good the owner still saw an opening in something completely random, Disc Golf. Yes the smoke shop started selling everything disc golf entails which brought them a heap of new customers as no other stores were selling it and he saw how popular it was with the locals. This type of innovation is limitless in what you can include in your store to increase sales.


Show Off Your Unique Pieces 

Just like a car show displays the most valuable cars easily seen so customers can see all the details of the product. The most unique or expensive products at your store should be put out for display like a house center peice as this should be used as a talking point for your store. It is an easy way to give your store more of a higher end feel that will leave a mark in customers minds that may get the word out about your store. It is also spectacular image that can be shown online where your store is shown off with just a few images that people will make their minds on.

Need to know more

Come learn more about smoke hops and the community, or about how to get your smoke shop selling on the online marketplace contact us.
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