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3 Smoke Shop Quick Tips, Part: 1


Knowledgeable Staff

A staff that is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the community is hard to come by. When you get customers who are novice they want to be told answers to their questions about the products. The importance of stores nowadays has changed with the online market. Compare it to a self service gas station vs the one where they pump the gas for you. When it comes to glass having the knowledge of type, percolators, attachments, and brands. Staff will also have to help customers  get over the paradox of choice. with all the decisions usually in front of them with walls of glass deterring customers. with CBD, Kratom and Delta-8  you must know a whole list of what customers questions they are gonna want answered. Even though this might be hard and make turn over rate increase. It is the upmost important for these tailored culture store to keep up to date on what is new in the industry to keep customers happy.



Learn Your Area

— Average Customer

Knowing your average daily customer in this industry is important. Most being locally owned because they specialize in their area. The customers age range, average spending, average income, and location, and what they like, are all important indicators towards what they are likely to buy. Being close to a college will get you an influx of younger customers. Which would be effective to get things like new nicotine disposable vapes and which are popular. It is also important to get the real ones and trustable ones. Being the reliable place is big in getting these customer to keep coming back.

— Change Can Work
  • Smoke shops are not just cookie cutter versions of each other and the options to show are store is endless. For example Hyzer’s Smoke Shop, Known as the head shop for real heads. Even though It was prominent in it’s area for a while and even though sales where good the owner still saw an opening in something completely random, Disc Golf. Yes the smoke shop started selling everything disc golf, which brought them a heap of new customers. No other stores were selling disc golf supplies. So, he saw how popular it was with the locals and made the change. This type of innovation can be applied in plenty of places with some learning and increase profits.


Show Off Your Unique Pieces 

Just like a car show displays the most valuable cars easily seen so customers can see all the details of the product. The most unique or expensive products at your store should be put out for display. Like a house center piece as this should be used as a talking point for your store. It is an easy way to give your store more of a higher end feel. It will leave a mark in customers minds that may get the word out about your store. Also it is a spectacular image that can be shown online where your store is shown off with just a few images that people will make their minds on.

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