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Tegridy Glass - Supporting the Local Smoke Shop Community

Why is supporting local businesses important? The economic situation that was caused by the recent pandemic has affected many local businesses, causing some of them to close permanently. Little mom & pop shops are becoming few and far between. Smoke shops in general have also taken a hit due to the pandemic and recent government restrictions. Supporting local business helps the economy and keeps independently owned businesses alive.

Smoke Shops as Small Businesses

Smoke shops are becoming more and more common all over the U.S. They were once considered taboo and many people were afraid to venture in the door due to some fear of the unknown. People thought they were associated with mysticism because of the designs on the building or the interior decor. Smoke shops are small, privately-owned businesses selling smoke and vaping accessories.


Now that people are more open-minded and have actually visited a few smoke shops, that stigma has disappeared. While there are a few shops that indulge in illegal activities, for the most part, these shops are great places to shop for new accessories for your vape gear or buy a new water pipe or bubbler.

The First Online Marketplace for Smoke Shops

Tegridy Glass was the first smoke shop marketplace to bring consumers and local smoke shops together to keep the local economy thriving. Keeping small businesses alive protects buyers and sellers from being pushed out by big chain stores. Walmart is a great place to shop if you want to buy your groceries and your kids back to school clothing in one place. But when you’re shopping for water pipes or vape gear, you don’t want a big box store because bigger often means less selection and limited choice.

A Major Setback

Last year, the world was thrown into a crisis. Many businesses were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. And, since the economy took a dip after that, many have not been able to reopen due to the income they lost during the lockdown. This is why supporting the local economy is so important, because family businesses are disappearing one by one. Small businesses are more personable and offer customized service catering to the needs of their customers, rather than lining their pockets like the big box stores do.

What We Do

Tegridy Glass is located in Tampa, Florida. We run an online marketplace of sellers and vendors. Consumers these days are more conscientious and depend on reviews and customer experience to lead them to businesses with a good rating. We bring customers and smoke shops together to help consumers find what they are looking for in a secure environment where they can shop for vendors, compare products, and locate reputable sellers in their neighborhood.

Our Mission is to create a simple, effective, and trustable marketplace for smoke shops to sell and reach customers. While customers have the ease of finding, comparing, buying, and following specific sellers all in one hub. Creating a symbiotic e-commerce community where the potential to be seen is maximized for vendors and for customers use.  Bringing the community together online and offline using the power of business to help communities all around the nation cause all around the nation is our community.


Our goal is to create a trusted marketplace for smoke shops and customers. The partnership benefits both buyers and sellers mutually. We can bring people together online to boost our local economy and benefit the community of vape shops around the world.

Vendors are Hand-Picked

Consumers are short on time and running from store to store looking for a certain water pipe or a new vape mod is not very practical, but no one wants to buy from the first shop they find. When it comes to buying pipes and accessories, consumers want to shop around, compare prices and selection from a couple of different stores before they make a purchase. The brick and mortar stores listed in our marketplace have been verified and chosen to join us. Not everyone is invited and each store is put through a rigorous testing before being allowed to join. We want to ensure our customers have a great experience when shopping in our marketplace.

Trusted Sellers

All the smoke shops go through email verification, verification of social media and phone verification. If we can not contact the store by phone, we will require an ID. They are allowed 3 strikes before being removed from the marketplace. Strikes will be issued for incorrect product orders requiring refunds. If the seller does not respond within a reasonable amount of time, their account will be frozen. We take quality control very seriously.

Supporting Local Businesses

A marketplace such as this has a growing, thriving micro-network. We’re all connected to a main source and branch out in different directions extending to the local community. Providing a secure shopping experience where consumers can shop different stores without using any gas or having to wear a mask, is priceless. Especially now when people are struggling to maintain their work-life balance.


Many smoke shops purchase their inventory from local producers and manufacturers. By buying from a local smoke shop, you are supporting multiple small businesses. As a shopper, you may not realize the supply chain that smoke shops manage. Often smoke shops partner with local artisans, glassblowers, specialty shops, and more.

Shopping Online For Smoke and Vape Supplies

Online sales are growing exponentially since more people are working from home these days. That is the beauty of having a website to sell your products from. You can be open 24 hours without physically being in the store outside of normal business hours. Plus, operating an online store allows business owners to save money on employee costs, and business-related overhead expenses.


Online smoke shops are attractive to customers for their selection, affordability, and the ease of ordering from a website.  Online shops can eliminate many of the challenges brick-and-mortar shops face with staffing, product availability, and pricing structures.


Another benefit to selling online is, no matter where your physical store is located, you’re always in a good position to get customers. For example, there may be a great smoke shop on the other side of town, in a not -so-nice area that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. It would be hard for them to compete with stores listed right on main street. By selling online, that obstacle of physical location is removed and the store can get just as many customers shopping their site as the closer stores.

Benefits to Consumers

The benefit we offer to consumers is the ability to find products that might not be in stock at other stores. They can save time and fuel by not driving from store to store to find the most sought-after products, only to find that they are out of stock.


We really believe in providing customers with the best shopping experience and satisfying their needs to find the best deals, coupon sales, and more.


How You Can Support Your Local Economy

Local business is essential for the economy. They provide jobs and create opportunities that support local communities and neighborhoods. Local businesses have often been open for years and catered to our parents and  grandparents. This includes restaurants, cafes, bookstores, thrift shops, and grocery stores.

  1. Order a Takeout Meal. It is small businesses like these that need the support of the community. Whenever you shop for anything, be sure to look at a local source first. Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, ordering one meal per week from a take-out restaurant would help the business and the economy by keeping the money circulating where it does the most good.


  1. Buy Toys and Clothing Online. Try ordering your child’s clothing and toys online and engaging a delivery service to bring it if the store itself doesn’t offer delivery. The local toy store, flower shop, or bookstore may provide delivery or curbside pickup.


  1. Shop With Gift Cards. Buy gift cards for your favorite restaurants, hair salons, spas, and hardware stores. Use the gift cards to shop online and give back to the community.


  1. Buy a Subscription to Your Local Newspaper. Stay on top of the latest news and local happenings.


  1. Make a Donation. Donate items or cash to a local charity. Local community agencies that help with rent, utilities, and food for people with low-income or who are temporarily unemployed would appreciate the help.


Supporting local businesses means helping ourselves in the grand scheme of things. If you give to the community, the community will be there for you when you need it. The

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