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This is our story in how and why we started Tegridy Glass

 Not long ago and a place not far away Tegridy Glass was established as the new way to buy and sell Glass Products and Accessories online. How so? Our goal is to create a symbiotic Glass selling community in which thousands of individual glass vendors and local Head Shops have the opportunity to sell their products; all while customers have the opportunity to browse and compare products between thousands of Glass Stores, all in one place.

   As we begin our journey to build our vision of the future of Glass vending, our primary goal is to get Vendors and Local Head Shops all across the U.S.A. who want to expand their online businesses on board. As our community grows everyone who’s apart of it will benefit, all the way from vendors to customers.

We are two guys who have always been into the community for our products and have been intrested in online business, we have been friends for years now, but during Covid both our jobs were cut back on hours and we were not in school so we spent a lot of the time learning about businesses affected by Covid and their moves to combat the loss of profit that was happening all across the board. While doing this we started to learn about our favorite community in headshops have a missing piece in the online market and with marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy not allowing for their products to be sold on these sites and ones like it.

After 3 months of design and studying the industry what we could do to help and improve it with features, Statistics, and an online marketplace for the ease of customers to shop around from head shops from their phone to make it easy to compare know all the details on the pieces and buy it. That’s when Tegridy Glass was born. Before you ask yes it is derived from Tegridy Farms from South Park. Easily one our favorite shows but we choose it for more than just the joke as we also believe in hard work and Tegridy just like Randy Marsh. Where customers can trust the piece or product they are getting from the head shop is not a ripoff an is a good piece by giving the customers the ease of looking around from their devices.

The Head Shop industry is mostly family run all over America making it one of the few industries

where you can find them all over but they are not a oligopoly like Fast food for example. Which allows each head shop to be unique and carry different products which is why we want to be there to show off their hard work and individuality. Which is why we will Always be Learning what the industry could need and how to implement the features, always improve our process and use the statics we get to learn marketing strategies and to teach our vendors what has worked and what has not worked, always grow the community and be reaching out in social media and with email marketing multiple times a day and wanting to connect the community together in a more local way.

Tegridy Glass

Tegridy Glass