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About Tegridy Glass

Tegridy Glass is a Online social Marketplace around the U.S.A of verified smoke shops and other shops that pertain to the industry. Where you can Find, Shop, Compare, and Learn about the partners of Tegridy Glass.

Our crew may be small, but we make up for it in hard work and dedication to connect smoke shops to a new avenue of customers plus their own. While giving all the benefits and features we can to help customers as we would want when shopping around.

Before you ask, yes, Tegridy Glass is derived from ‘Tegridy Farms’ from the television show “South Park”

We are two best friends who’ve always been interested in Glass Art and it’s community as well as starting our own online business. So we thought to ourselves “Why not combine them?”. Originally, we started with the concept for reselling Glass Products for people who wanted to trade their pieces. But we quickly realized that not only did laws and litigations prevent us from creating a viable website with this idea. So we went back to the drawing board! As we researched and studied the Glass and Smoke Shop industry in America, we noticed that there were multiple hoops that people had to jump through in order to make their business successful online.

Our Mission

Giving Small Business the Power of Big Business Supporting Local

 Our Mission is to create a simple, effective, and trustable marketplace for smoke shops to sell and reach customers. While customers have the ease of finding, comparing, buying, and following specific sellers all in one hub. Creating a symbiotic e-commerce community where the potential to be seen is maximized for vendors and for customers use.  Bringing the community together online and offline using the power of business to help communities all around the nation cause all around the nation is our community. 
We value openness friendliness, and humanity that is prominent in our community. Which is why we are honored to be in this industry so to keep our values held high we also promote planning for the long term to always strive to improve the future of our industry.   
Value Proposition: Compare, Discover, Support Local.


Trusted Sales

The smoke shops go through verification with email, social media and text verification and if we can not call the store we require ID. 3 strike limit on giving wrong products “that will be refunded” and if they do not respond to us if we get involved they are frozen and products taken down.


Great Features

Solve the problem of comparing smoke shops, finding more about them and their coupons. Get to find great deals with auctions. follow stores and get announcements on new orders “we really wanted to know when our favorite puff bar came in.”


Help Local

The Goal is to help local business owners in areas across the U.S.A , with the ever growing online market we are driven to market for these sellers in every way we can to grow there customer base, and with the power all our companies help each one individually.

What Tegridy Glass Is How Smoke Shopping Should Be

Tegridy Glass