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Tegridy Glass How Smoke Shopping Should Be

We are an online social marketplace to find, learn, compare, & shop smoke shops kava bars vape lounges and other chill places.

"We want to give the power of big business to small business, while helping customers burn money not waste it."
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Dillan Harbour
CEO, Designer

Solving User problems

Solve the problem of comparing smoke shops, finding more about them and their coupons. Get to find great deals with auctions. follow stores and get announcements on new orders, events, promotions and more. Want to find the place that sales your favorite vape or rare backwoods Tegridy Glass solves that and more.

About Us

We hand pick stores to get them on for 100% trustable partners. We also do full service to get as many products on as possible and get the product shipped as fast as possible. Bringing the community together online and offline using the power of business to help communities all around the nation cause all around the nation is our community.

We value openness friendliness, and humanity that is prominent in our community. Which is why we are honored to be in this industry so to keep our values held high we also promote planning for the long term to always strive to improve the future of our industry.

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Analytics improve sales which lower price

Constantly trying to improve the process online and offline to increase profit margin. Whether it be cutting cost or increasing sales it in return lowers prices helping everyone.

Artistic growth

This community is full of interesting shops from design to layout to selection. Showing off the cool and unique while helping others grow their own business personality online and offline.

Less time shopping needed

NO MORE going store to store trying to find the right one. Be able to quickly compare products from stores around you to all over the U.S.A. Get the exact product you want quickly.

Amazingly responsive Mechanics

The ever growing and more accepted community. The more that will be added to improve the use for customer example being reward points and much more for more tailored experience.

Community building

Best way to find these stores, bar, and lounges and quickly see what is in your area. Find events, deals, promotions, or what's in stock. Easily discover and compare your community.

Easy to use interface

Find what you are looking for as fast as possible is what we pride our self on. Have great descriptions and filters to quickly determine what item you wanted. Can see the prices of same products on a product page.

Want to join the community

There are plenty of benefits that can be seen by clicking the button bellow.

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