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List an unlimited amount of products for sale

Show your hard work to the world! List any amount of products for sale with no extra fees! (Tegridy Glass charges only a 2.5% payment processing fee and a 2.5% transaction fee AFTER a sale is completed.) Boost your products' view counts by adding detailed descriptions, product tags, and select their respective category to filter them for your customers.

Create a custom website address for your e-shop

When you fill out the foundational information to your e-shop, you can create a custom website address for your store! We encourage Vendors to attach their store's website address to their Goggle Business Account for easy connection between platforms, as well as placing your store above others in Google search results. You should also add your store's address and contact information on your site (including operating hours), allowing new customers to locate your store instantly.

Host auctions in the auction house

Here Here! In the Tegridy Glass Auction House, you can host auctions on any of your products! Set customized auction start/end times, add a starting price, a 'buy it now' price, a 'minimum bid increment' price, a 'reserved' price, and even add a proxy bidding limit for your customers to customize your auction for your store's needs. Whether you want to generate hype on a trending product or clear up space for new inventory, hosting auctions are a great way to engage with the community!

(First time hosting an auction? No problem! Click on the house icon to learn how to host auctions like a pro!)


Shipping doesn't have to be confusing! We have easy to follow guidelines on how to ship your products listed into step-by-step instructions, from how to print shipping labels to preparing and shipping your product! We always encourage Vendors to add promotional material into their packages to increase the odds of a customer's return. Learn how to ship your products with 'Tegridy'!

Extend your reach on social Media

By providing avenues to establish your brand online, one of our goals for your business is to help your store sky rocket its social media presence online. As we at Tegridy Glass engage with our community on Social Media, we are always promoting our registered Vendors (you!). By shouting your store out, running targeted ads for our featured Vendors, and partnering with you to do giveaways (that are funded by us!), we want to collaborate with you to drive traffic to your store! We encourage you to post links to your social media on your Vendor Page to allow easy connection and access for your customers.

acquire new customers within our expanding community

Once your e-shop is set up and ready to grow, start listing your products to a continuously growing community of customers that are active on Tegridy Glass. Not only will customers be able to access your e-shop easily through our home page, but trending products are constantly being added to our 'Today's Deals', 'Featured' and 'Most Viewed' sections on our home page. In addition, hosting auctions on your products display's them in our Auction House which is also on our home page!

gather detailed statistics on your Store's activity

As a store that primarily derives' its completed sales through targeted advertising and "direct-to-customer" marketing, having access to detailed statistics is imperative to your store's success. But don't worry! Tegridy Glass provides' a variety of detailed statistics about how customers interact with your store. On top of that, we're always staying in touch with our registered Vendors to keep them in the loop on statistics from customers near your store's location!

additional promotional features for your e-shop

Create and distribute custom coupon codes to your customers that apply to only your e-shop! List an "original price" and a "discounted price" on your product to advertise discounts! In addition to our wide range of current features offered for your e-shop, we are always working diligently to add new store updates and promotions curated to improve your store's success!

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